Visiting your dentist is an interesting activity 

Many are aware of the importance of visiting the dentist regularly, but very few consider it an interesting activity. For as long as nothing feels wrong, it is convenient for many to rationalize staying away from the dentist. There are many reasons why you should see your dentist regularly, though, with it recommended that you make six-monthly appointments with your dentist and keep to them. Consider 5 important reasons:


Oral cancer falls into the category of dental problems you cannot detect by yourself. Oral cancer can grow quietly in the background, becoming life threatening without your knowledge. If detected early, oral cancer can be treated successfully. With a VELScope cancer exam, your dentist can detect oral cancer fast and painlessly.

oral cancer detection


Even when you religiously brush your teeth three times a day, you will not be able to reach every area of your mouth. This will allow plaque and tartar to grow beyond your knowledge in these areas, which can ultimately lead to teeth discoloration and teeth decay. With many of us brushing just once a day, it is even more important that you see your dentist every six months to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar.


The wear down of the outer layer of your teeth as a result of acid and bacteria attack is known as tooth decay. Cavities also develop for the same reasons. Tooth decay, left untreated, causes pain, dental cavities, and gum irritation. By visiting your dentist twice a year, traces of this condition can be easily diagnosed. Your dentist will also be able to reverse the growth of cavities by filling them up.

prevent tooth decay


Like most oral health concerns, gum disease does not begin to show symptoms until it becomes a serious problem. Left to itself, gum disease makes your gums swollen and reddish, potentially making it painful to chew, talk or swallow. Your dentist can prevent gum disease through regular cleanings, flossing, mouth-washing, swishing, and brushing. Your dentist can also detect the disease early and tackle it before it worsens.

avert gum disease


There is nothing more embarrassing than having persons turn away when you talk, due to your bad breath. Badly colored teeth are also a cause for embarrassment. You can make yourself more attractive by visiting your dentist twice a year to have them brighten your smile and freshen your breath. Remember, an attractive smile makes for an attractive person.

The easiest way to attack dental health problems is to strike them before they strike you. It is highly recommended that you are proactive with your oral health to keep away unwanted diseases. At Westgate Dental Center, BC, Maple Ridge, our dental family will be happy to care for you and your family. It will be our pleasure to help you have perfect oral health, a healthy breath, and a confident smile. You can contact us today on +1(604) 243-0238.

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