Family Dentist

A beautiful photo is not complete without a matching white, beautiful smile. If you are embarrassed by your teeth, choosing to smile less and less in pictures, it is time to go see a dentist.

Just moved in? Do you find the kind of care you receive from your dentist frustrating? Westgate Dental Centre is your ideal family dentist in Maple Ridge. Out for the complete protection of your entire family, we offer a complete service range that cater to the needs of your entire family. Our warm, friendly environment will appeal to both you and your kids.


For the most part, children will require a little more tenderness than adults. Without the right care and attention, kids can get really frustrated and start to hate the dentist. As a parent, though, you are probably aware that children need proper oral care if they to grow up with a proud smile.

Westgate Dental Center understands the frustrations children experience during oral care and inspection and have an experienced staff base to deal with any tantrums they might throw. Most importantly, we keep their experience fun and pleasant, so your kids do not begin to feel uncomfortable in any way. This way, the care they receive is more complete and fulfilling.



It is important that your entire family have a single family dentist. This would allow you plan properly for your trips to the dentist, booking an appointment for you and your kids on the same free day – thus, reducing cost and saving time. Having a single family dentist also allows your family keep a harmonized dental record which makes it easy to spot hereditary problems.

Beyond all of that, though, Westgate Dental Center keeps the family feel going around our facility and in our personal dealings with you. With a family friendly customer service, we pay special attention to you and your kids, building a personal relationship that gives you the freedom to ask any personal oral questions that bother you without feeling embarrassed.

As we get to understand you and your personal needs better, our experienced dentists at Westgate Dental Center waste no time in restoring your smile and keeping it forever radiant.