Does Poor Oral Health Lead to Head and Neck Cancer (HNC)?

Head and neck cancer (HNC) is a severe health concern, and maintaining good oral health may be more crucial than ever. While a definitive cause-and-effect relationship remains elusive, recent research suggests a potential connection between poor oral health and HNC. But how do these two health concerns relate? Maple Ridge Dentist analyzes the connection between […]

Gum Disease to Glucose Levels: The Unexpected Link of Oral Health and Diabetes

dentist teeth checkup in maple ridge

Canada’s epidemiological data indicates the prevalence of diabetes. In 2015, approximately 3.4 million Canadians (constituting 9.3% of the population) were diagnosed with diabetes, with an additional 2 million diabetes cases reported in 2022.  Maple Ridge residents with poorly controlled blood sugar are at higher risk of experiencing oral health issues, like gum diseases. They’re also […]

A Complete Diagnosis on Bad Breath — Here’s How You Can Defeat Halitosis

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Halitosis or bad breath is among dental health issues’ most common and alarming complaints. Beyond an unpleasant odour, it can affect self-esteem, social connections, and well-being. Foul breath can also indicate oral health difficulties, and not treating halitosis can lead to more serious dental issues. Halitosis can be caused by easy, short-term factors or more […]

The Psychological Impact of Whiter Teeth on Self-Esteem and Social Connections

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  A bright, white smile has the incredible power to transform not only one’s appearance but also one’s psychological well-being.  Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, whether conversing with friends or taking a selfie and sharing it online.  Studies show that dental issues, like tooth color, tooth damage, and untreated cavities, […]

Don’t Fall for These Teeth Whitening Myths & Misconceptions, Experts Reveal the Real Deal

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Teeth naturally darken as we age. The buildup of surface stains, particularly from tobacco use and specific foods or beverages, can also influence their appearance. While teeth aren’t perfectly white, numerous Canadians desire a brighter smile.  This desire has led many people to seek a Maple Ridge teeth whitening service, which eliminates tooth stains and […]

Is Gum Contouring Painful? Insights from the Best Dentist in Maple Ridge

Many people consider gum contouring, also known as “gingival sculpting” or “gum recontouring,” to achieve a healthy smile. For new patients considering this dental work, you might have wondered if gum contouring is a painful procedure. While the best dentist in Maple Ridge offers personalized treatment plans for the best oral health, it pays to […]

How Sugar and Diet Influence the Development of Cavities

Cavity Treatment

Dental cavities are a significant global health concern and the most common noncommunicable disease (NCD). They’re ranked first for permanent teeth decay (affecting 2.3 billion people) and twelfth for deciduous teeth (560 million children), as seen in the 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study. Although genetics and brushing your teeth are some reasons affecting this, […]

A Guide To Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Procedure, Recovery, And Aftercare

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The last set of molars to come in are the wisdom teeth, also called third molars. They usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25. While some people can keep these teeth in place without any problems, others develop problems and must be extracted. Understanding the wisdom teeth extraction procedure, what to expect […]

The Life-Changing Benefits of Conscious Sedation

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Many people avoid dental work because of bad experiences in the past, feelings of loss of control, and the fear of pain. The key to a positive dental experience is an open line of communication with your dentist. By sharing your worries, they can better address them and relieve your fears. Your search for “sedation […]

Parents Should Consider These Dental Services To Prevent Childhood Dental Issues

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Prioritizing dental hygiene ensures a happy smile and boosts emotional and physical well-being. Poor oral health can lead to more than cavities and gum disease; it can also trigger other issues. By emphasizing the importance of dental care from a young age, parents and caregivers can prevent dental problems in children.  Choosing the best ‘family […]

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