Dental Night Guards

Fissure Sealants

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Smoking & Vaping’s Impact on Dental Care

Electronic cigarettes and vapes are all the rage nowadays. Vaping occurs when you inhale the vapours created by liquid tobacco. Vaping has been pushed as the best and healthiest alternative to [...]

What Are Orthodontics?

Dentistry is a broad branch of medicine with many different branches such as surgery, pedodontics, Oral Medicine, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Conservative Dentistry and of course, [...]


Gingivitis Treatment


Routine Teeth Cleaning

Medical Advantages Of Botox

Minimizing wrinkles, making for fine expressionless faces, and reducing other signs of aging, are uses easily associated with Botox. Indeed, Botox easily ranks amongst the most popular cosmetic [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Every 6 Months

Many are aware of the importance of visiting the dentist regularly, but very few consider it an interesting activity. For as long as nothing feels wrong, it is convenient for many to rationalize [...]

What Does Fluoride Do To Protect Your Smile

Your oral health says a lot about you. And your smile, or lack of it, can tell a lot about your oral health. With this in mind, many take very seriously the need to always brush and floss their [...]