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Aesthetic Crowns

Have you considered a restorative dentistry to protect and strengthen your teeth?

At the Westgate Dental Centre, a Maple Ridge dental clinic and family dentist, we get many patients who have suffered a lot of damage to their teeth because of decay, fracture or failed restoration. We carry out a restorative dentistry procedure which involves fitting the teeth with an aesthetic crown or tooth crown.

What’s an Aesthetic Crown?

An aesthetic crown is a porcelain sheath that fits over the tooth, restoring its original size and shape. We are happy to discuss this procedure with you during a free first-time consultation. Here’s what you should know…..

Adding a Three-Quarter Crown  

The tooth can be weakened to a great extent because of the presence of an old filling. This leads to what is called as a cusp fracture. When this happens, a major portion of the cusp of the top of the tooth breaks off, which leaves the tooth completely uneven. This not only makes chewing difficult, it leaves the tooth susceptible to more damage.

That’s why one of the first things we do during the restorative procedure is to remove the old fillings and add new fillings to give the tooth a proper shape for the addition of the tooth crown.

Following this, an impression of the tooth is made. While this is being done, you will be fitted with a temporary crown. Then a new crown is custom-crafted in a lab according to your specifications and placed on top of the damaged tooth.

Adding a Full Crown

In many cases, it makes sense to fit the tooth with a full porcelain crown. There are many reasons for this. It’s possible that the filling has cracked or become old, leading to extensive decay in the area, because of which a further filling is not feasible, and certainly not recommended. There are also cases in which the tooth is fractured because of a trauma which could warrant a crown.

Also, when the tooth’s root has decayed, the dentist carried out a root canal. This leaves the tooth without much pulp. A tooth without pulp can perform its basic functions, but it becomes very fragile. That’s why in such cases, it becomes necessary to add a full porcelain crown or aesthetic crown.

Once the old fillings and the decay have been fully removed, the tooth is prepared for the addition of the crown.  An impression of the patient’s mouth is created and a new, temporary crown is made. This is designed to last you while the new permanent aesthetic crown is custom-crafted by the manufacturer. The temporary crown is removed and the new aesthetic crown is then bonded in place permanently.

Benefits of an Aesthetic Crown

Back in the past, dentists used to fit in crowns made from metal or metal crowns fused to porcelain. These days, we use only the most aesthetically pleasing all-porcelain crown for the restoration. The porcelain looks the same as dental enamel; it is shiny, has the same lustre and is just as sensitive to heat. Also, the porcelain is just as hard as tooth enamel and cannot be damaged by the other teeth when you bite or chew.

To know more about a restorative procedure that involves the fitting of an aesthetic crown, contact us at Westgate Dental Centre. We are a very friendly and professional Maple Ridge dental clinic that services children and adults.  

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